Where I found the best guitar straps

I started playing the guitar when I was a little kid. One of the mean reasons I started doing this was because all my friends were doing it and I thought it would make me look cool. Soon I found out, it is not just about looking cool, but also about how amazing it made me feel every time I played a song on this beautiful instrument. When I got older I started to take it more and more seriously. From playing in a band to auditioning for the music academy, I have done it all and have always enjoyed myself. One of the highlights so far was definitely getting into the music academy and getting the chance to play the guitar on such a high level. That also meant I needed to take my gear seriously. It was then that I started looking for the best guitar straps among others.

  • High quality
  • Cool designs
  • Handmade

I had a few wishes when it came to the guitar straps that I wanted and it was a lot harder than I initially expected to get this done. This is why I was so happy when I came across the website of the company Overdrive Straps. Here they definitely know what it takes to sell the best possible guitar straps and that for a good price.

Ordering my guitar straps

The company Overdrive Straps is based in The Netherlands, but luckily for me they ship their guitar straps worldwide. The only thing I had to do was get a good look on the website and pick my favourite guitar straps. At first I was not sure how many straps I wanted to buy. It would have been great to just order one and see how much I would actually like it. But because of the shipping costs (which are very reasonable, but still) I wanted to get the most out of my money. Since I already had a feeling that I was going to be very happy with these guitar straps I decided to order multiple guitar straps. The worst case scenario would be that it would not suit me and I would have to pick something else. Luckily for me that was never the case. The moment the guitar straps arrived on my doorstep, I was in love with them! They do not lie at Overdrive Straps when they tell you it is the highest quality and that the designs are cool. I have seen on so many websites by now that the photos on the websites do not reflect what the actual product looks like, but at Overdrive Straps they ship you the real thing!

My life as a musician

Since I am using the guitar straps that I ordered from this company I am so much happier! For somehow reason I just never really trusted my old straps and it always made sure that I would hold back during shows or practices. But no more! These guitar straps have taken a lot and they are still going strong! I do not only love the strength and high quality of them, the designs are so cool. I have made a lot of my musician friends very jealous with them! As a musician you cannot but have multiple straps. It makes sure that you always have one at hand and if one breaks you will always have at least one other. That is why I am so happy I ordered multiple straps. There is always one around that I can use!