The best Malaga property for you

Throughout the years we, at Realista Quality Properties Marbella, have helped a lot of people with buying properties in the Costa del Sol area. For many years now this has become the place to be in Spain and people want to buy a Malaga property more and more often. If you have ever been to Malaga than you will definitely understand this.

  • Cultural hotspot
  • Foodie scene
  • Centre of the Costa del Sol

There are many reasons why you might want to buy a Malaga property. Since 1992 we at Realista Quality Properties Marbella have been helping people find the best Malaga property for them. Every person has different wishes and demands and of course we take it all into account when we are helping you find the best Malaga property for you. We have seen many cases where people find it very scary to take this step. And we completely understand this. It is not easy to buy a property and in Spain they might do things a little differently than you are used to. That means that you will have to get to know the ways here and how things are supposed to be done.

How to negotiate for your Malaga property

We are here for you to help you during every step of the way to buy your Malaga property and we will make this as easy as possible for you. It is not only important to us that you will find the best Malaga property for you, but also for the best price. This will mean that you have to negotiate. Many people find this difficult, but we will help you out. We can tell you how you can do this and get the best people for you. We have a large network of agents, developers, private owners and even lawyers that are here for you. We offer everything that you might need while you are buying a Malaga property. If you are not from the Europian Union you will have to obtain a visa to be able to become a resident here. This is also something we can help you out with. Do you need to obtain finances to get your Malaga property? We are there for you! We are not exaggerating when we say that in every aspect of buying a property here we have the right sources for you!

Living in Malaga

If you ask the residents of Malaga, they will tell you that it is absolutely amazing to live here. Not only is it a cultural hotspot, but also a true foodie scene. You can find a Picasso Museum, Russian Museum and the Centre Pompidou here. And if you are looking for good food (at an even better price) this is the place to be! For just a few euro’s you can dine out and have a really great meal. You want to eat at a more luxury restaurant? You might pay more and the food will be absolutely amazing. You also have everything in the area that you might need. There is the airport of Malaga which is pretty close to the city. And of course there are the beautiful beaches. When you live in the centre of Malaga the beaches are a short walk away, but you can of course live even closer to the beach! It is completely up to you to make this decision. All you have to do is come see us and we will show you the best places in this town.