Need a custom made PTFE kevlar conveyor belt?

In our company, we were looking at improving our transportation system. We work in the food industry and deliver to the EU, but also to the USA. This means we have a high standard regarding hygiene, because our products need to be sold in different parts of the world. At first, I was sceptical about renewing our transportation system. I hesitated to take action because I thought it would be a real hassle to renew our conveyor belts. I contacted several experts on the matter and on of them recommended Hardick. This manufacturer and supplier of PTFE kevlar conveyor belts would be a great partner for our new system, he said. Since then, we have worked together with this Dutch supplier of conveyor belts. I have never been happier. When working in such a specialistic field, one really needs people who know their field. That is definitely the case with the experts at Hardick. With their help, we ware able to renew our conveyor belts and design a whole new system, with which we were able to speed up our production with almost 30%. Our new PTFE kevlar conveyor belts are running smoothly and will be able to support our entire plant for the next tien to twenty years. 

Switching to PTFE kevlar 

Our old conveyor belts were not made of PTFE kevlar. When the experts at Hardick suggested using PTFE kevlar, I knew the material had some advantages. They showed me the materials on site and confirmed everything I know about it. It was necessary to make some adjustments to our existing production facility to be able to use PTFE kevlar, but the people I worked with made that very easy from the start. Our own experts and production staff were able to work together smoothly in this project. It is never easy to change these things, especially when it concerns the heart of your company. Although I had some second thoughts in the beginning, the experts at Hardick made it clear that the project would be done in time. It would have been impossible to do this without their help and service. I can only recommend Hardick as a partner when you are in need of PTFE kevlar products. Next to PTFE kevlar, they also offer products and services related to:

  • PTFE glass
  • welding equipment
  • sealing equipment
  • fabrics
  • silicon products

Whenever you are in need of new technology, products or service, Hardick is of great value if you ask me.

Getting a sample

I had the oppoortunity to work closely because our company is based in The Netherlands. However, if your business is located elsewhere in Europe, it is easy to get a sample of their high quality products. One simply puts in a request and Hardick sends you the right sample materials. If you are interested in PTFE kevlar, this is by far the easiest way to get a hold of their fabrics and materials. You will find everything you need on getting a sample on the Hardick website. If you have any questions, the customer service team is always there to help you.