Better sleep with CBD?

Better sleep with CBD? CBD could be the solution for you. Sleep deprivation is very frustrating and often exacerbates existing complaints and symptoms. So weed oil for a deep sleep can also help. For those who mainly have trouble sleeping through the night, and are therefore often unnecessarily awake, weed oil can offer a solution. By dripping a few drops of THC oil under your tongue before closing your eyes, the weed oil only becomes active when you are (almost) asleep. After all, it takes 20 minutes to sometimes as much as an hour and a half before cannabis oil becomes active. However, the effect lasts longer, so you can sleep comfortably almost all night long. Not all cannabis oils are equally suitable for this. CBD could even have a negative influence on sleep when used in the evening. It appears to be mainly indica-dominant THC-rich cannabis that promotes sleep. This is due to the terpenes present in these types of weed, which in different compositions shape the smell but also the effect of a specific type of weed. Indica weed often contains more of the calming substance myrcene, which has a very beneficial effect on sleep.

Are there other ways to take CBD?

Not everyone is a fan of the use or taste of weed oil, but there are alternatives. Another way to have a long-lasting effect of your cannabis medicine, to be able to sleep better in this case, is to swallow weed. Of course we don’t mean that you have to gnaw on a weed top from the coffee shop. On the contrary, you can make capsules with weed oil or eat edible’s, for example. Edibles are edible forms of weed. Simply a dish (or drink) with a base of, for example, weed butter, cannabis coconut oil or cannabis olive oil. Also with these intake forms it takes longer for the effect to occur. This makes it perfect to sleep longer at night. The effect of eaten cannabis can be a lot heavier than that of a drop of weed oil because edible weed is often harder to dose. Therefore, build up this use slowly to avoid unwanted experiences.

Sleeping with a vaporizer?

The use of weed oil and edibles often turns out not to be enough for patients who have trouble falling asleep. This is probably due to the slow exposure time of these forms of administration. As a result, the effect is not acute enough to embrace fatigue and fall asleep. A puff of a pure joint with CBD or preferably a vaporizer containing indica-dominant cannabis, is in that case a possible alternative or addition to the weed oil; or edible. The effect of inhaled cannabis is noticeable fairly quickly, briefly and powerfully, and can therefore be used to sleep in. Next week, we will tell you more about:
  • The risks of taking CBD
  • We will also explain why CBD is taking over the world
  • CBD oil can be dangerous, but not if you use your common sense
We hope to see you next week!